Development and Planning

The Disney Imagineers are in charge of the plans and construction of the brand new roller coaster set to open in 2012 at Walt Disney World.  The Imagineers have plenty experience with the development and construction of roller coasters, having created and built every roller coaster in a Disney Theme Park.

Imagineers at Work

– Connections from the Movie

The Imagnineers are attempting to incorporate as many scenes from the movie as possible.  For example, on the initial drop, right before the coaster goes over the edge, a sound effect of balloons popping will simulate the scene in the movie when the house began its descent.  Also, when the coaster comes to a stop in the tunnel, lights will flash and thunder sound effects will echo throughout the tunnel.  This is similar to the part when the house was caught in the storm.

– Details & Features on the Coaster

UP, UP, and Away will have several unique and impressive features.  The track will be made of steel, like most modern roller coasters.  However, unlike most coasters, the initial drop will be at a 90 degree angle.  Another feature of the roller coaster will be its launch system- Linear Synchronous Motor (LNS).  The tunnel which will have a separate launch and sound effects will be the most unique part of the coaster. The cars will come to a complete stop in a dark tunnel.  Then the sound of thunder will boom throughout the tunnel and lightning will flash.  Then after staying still from 2-5 seconds, the train will be shot out of the tunnel as speeds of up to 80 mph.

Additional merchandise

A Disney Vendor stand will be placed near the exit of the coaster (but still accessable to people not riding) where merchandise from both the movie and the ride will be sold.


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